Thursday, 5 February 2015

Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Where did we stay?

We stayed at Akwa guesthouse, the accomadation was nice but the location was a bit dissapointing as we had to walk 10/15min to get to the beach. The hotel staff were very friendly and the accomadation was reccomended on the lonely planned guide. For 700 baht per person for 2 nights (7 pounds a night!) we couldnt complain.

How long?

2 nights, we didnt have long in Koh Samui as we arrived 7pm Saturday night and left 6am Monday morning.

What did we do?

On Saturday night we arrived late so we checked in and decided to go explore the area. We ended up getting completely lost so we finally found a taxi and got taken to Ark Bar, we ate food out, the curry was amazing. Then walked back on the beach to our hotel as we were so tired after travling 36 hours to get hear. The next day we got up 11am and headed to the beach. We sunbathed for a few hours then had a walk to find a nice place for lunch. Then went for a bit of shopping, we got a beach bag and some sunhats. As we forgot to bring suncream with us we decieded to have a massage on the beach. We both got 1 hour thai massages, they were so good. Then went back to our accomadation to get ready for the night. We wanted to go see Big Buddah beach so we got a taxi there and had food and cocktails at that beach. It was a lot quiter than Chewang beach there was barely anyone there.  We couldnt go up to the temple as we fogot to cover out arms and knees so we took photos from the bottom.


200 baht for a taxi from the ferry to our accomadation
100 baht for a taxi to Ark bar as we got lost on out walk
150 baht for food, I had Thai red curry and a coke
350 baht a night for the accomadation

100 baht for dinner - chicken cocconut soup
250 baht  for my new monster sunhat
20 baht for street pineapple
300 baht return taxi to Big Buddah beach
70 baht for food - pad thai and water
450 baht for a taxi and ferry to Koh Phangan 

Speak soon,
HanHan xx

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