Monday, 9 March 2015

Pancake day in China

So we celebrated pancake day a little bit late in China! But it was over 2 days so we had lots and lots of pancakes. All the foreign teachers where the pancake cooks and we had an allocated cooking time, and a chefs outfit, including the hat! It was lots of fun, we could make the pancakes into shapes, however all I could manage were circles and Micky mouse! Some people could make cars, hearts and boats! 

The children really enjoyed it, we took our classes to over and they watched us make the pancakes, then the added all the fruit toppings and sauces. Lots of kids came back for more. I can't wait to see what special day the school have planned next, they seem to celebrate something different every week :)


Spar day with school!

We we all got taken out to a 24 hour spar treat for ladies day! We weren't quite sure what it entailed and we were told we didn't need to bring anything, but of course we did, we thought surely we would need lit toothbrush and phone chargers if we're staying over. How wrong we were!

The spar was unreal! We checked in and got taken down to the changing rooms. We showered then got given pyjamas! Everyone walked around in there pjs. It was so cool. It was around 7pm so we wanted food. There was a huge selection of foods, it was a buffet so you could have as much as you wanted. It was a nice change from the canteen food we had been eating all week. Then we had our massage. I chose a Thai massage. We all had our own separate room, with the most comfy bed in. The massageaasted 1:5 hours! We only expected an hour! 
Afterwards we checked out all other bits te spar had, a hot igloo room, oxygen rolms, heated lie down things! Jade pool, cinema rooms. It was so nice. 
The sleeping arrangements where we all had the most comfy chair ever, in a huge big room. It was like a sleepover!! We all had our own tv, it kinda felt like we were on a plane. We went to sleep around 1.30am, but as we were doing the colour run the next day we had to wake up at 5am, but we could have stayed till 5pm the next day had we wanted to!

Speak soon,
HanHan xx

Lantern festival

We celebrated lantern festival on Friday at school, as the weather was so bad on Thursday. 

In the afternoon all the children's parents came into the class and we all made sweet dumplings together. Then we went outside to see the stalls and solve riddles. It was busy, so many parents and children! 

There was a lion dance where the lion ate the vegetables that were ontop of the pole, then it was our turn to dance. We had been learning a dance to preform I front of the whole school this week, bi we hadn't had much time to practice it as the moves kept changing. But I think it went well! 

Afterwards we went back to our classes and ate our dumplings, they were so tasty!

Speak soon,


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Teaching in Foshan

So I got my teaching internship at a kindergarten school in Foshan, Guangdong. I couldn't be any happier! 9 of us got placed at the same school so we all flew down at 5.30am on Thursday. 

We got of our flight and got taken straight to the school, all we wanted to go was go to our new apartments and unpack and relax, but instead we got shown round the school. The school is AMAZING. I have never seen any school like this one, I feel so lucky to be working hear for the next 6 months. We started training the next day, and to celebrate Chinese New Year we all got given a red envelop, it's all so exciting!


First day teaching

Today was my first day teaching English, I was so excited to get started as we have been in the school a week now, watching other teachers. My class is KS1, so that's small class. There are baby classes, small, middle, big and big big.

For my first lesson I taught the new Easter/spring vocab. I used flash cards and then played a game where two kids at a time had to run around the cards and when I shouted a number that had to go find that card and read it out. It worked really well, we also had a few songs and dances to wake the kids up.

My second lesson was about colours. I wanted to see what the class knew song I decided to recaps. I had flash cards and went around the class asking each individual student what the colour was. Then we played a flash game on the to where the kids had to say the colour they seen. I found a fun colour dance so I played that, then for the rest of the lesson I asked the kids to colour in a Easter bunny.

We were meant to be celebrating lantin festival in the afternoon, but it's been cancled as its raining, so hopefully we get to celebrate it tomorrow! 

Speak soon,
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