Sunday, 8 February 2015

Phi Phi island

HPhi Phi Islands

Where did we stay?
We stayed in an tiny hut - PhiPhi hill bamboo 

How long?
2 nights, we arrived Thursday morning and left Saturday morning to Koh Lanta.

What did we do?
  We arrived in Phi Phi with no hotel so we decided to stay near the view point. There are no cars on Phi Phi so a man put our bags in a wheel barrow type thing and wheeled them to our accommodation. Our room was awful... right on top of a huge hill, bed was just a matarass on the floor and it was so noisy. We headed down to the beach to get dinner and sunbathe, when it got to hot we went to get a oil massage, then headed up to the view point. There were monkeys throwing fruit on the way up! The view point it quite a long walk so its best to do it in the morning or early evening so its not to hot. 
The next day we had booked a snorkeling trip, we had breakfast included and we took a long tail boat to the islands. The trip was good as we got to see lots of different places but we spend way to much time on the boat, I would recommend paying a bit more and getting a speed boat. 

800 baht for 2 nights accomadation
20 baht tax to get onto the island
30 baht tax to go up to the viewpoint
30 baht water
30 baht ice-cream 
90 baht Phangan curry
180 baht for an Indian meal and Nan bread
550 baht for an all day snorkeling trip

40 baht for an ice coffee on Maya bay
50 baht for pringles on the long
40 baht for a brownie
100 baht for fired rice and a fanta
200 bath for the ferry to Koh Lanta

Speak soon,
HanHan xx

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