Thursday, 5 February 2015

Koh Phangan - Full moon 2015

Koh Phangan

Where did we stay?
We stayed at Island View Cabbana.

How long?
2 nights, we arrived early Monday morning, the high speed catamaran only took 20 minutes! And left 12.30pm Wednesday as we missed out 6am ferry.

What did we do?
  We arrived in Koh Phangan early, so we had a full day to sunbath. Our beach was so nice, we rented some kayaks and paddled around a big rock nearby the beach. The Full moon party and unreal, made friends with some guys from Amsterdam on our truck and partied with them all night until I got lost :( convinced a taxi guy to take me back and ended up missing our 6am ferry to Koh phi phi, ended up getting the 12.30 ferry so currently spending a night in krabi town and heading to phi phi in the morning. 

20 baht for icecream
40 baht for street chicken
70 baht for food, I had veg soup
270 baht a night for the accomadation
120 fried rice with chicken and pineapple and spring rolls
150 baht for dinner - Phangan beef curry and rice
120 baht for drinks and a bucket

150 baht for dinner - spicy chicken coconut soup and water
1000 baht for taxi, ferry, bus and ferry to Phi Phi islands
120 baht for massaman curry
150 baht zombie cocktail
100 baht for full moon entry
300 baht bottle of vodka
200 baht laughing gas balloon 
300 baht drinks and bucket

Speak soon,
HanHan xx

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