Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What Im buying for my travels

With only 22 days until I fly out for 7 months I thought I should start buying a few things. I got an online delivery from Hollister today, but I still have so much to buy but I'm not to worried as I will be able to get most things when I'm out there.

I got a pink floral skater dress, I already bought one of these last year in blue and I loved it so much and it was just so comfy I decided to get another one. Plus, I will be able to wear in in China when I'm teaching, if I pair it with thick tights to keep my legs warm!

I absolutely love my mint green knit body-con skirt, fits perfectly and I love the colour. 

And I also got a cute 'Los Freakin Angeles top' just to throw on as I will be able to wear it with anything. 

Speak soon,
HanHan xx

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