Thursday, 9 October 2014

Halloween #TBT

Day 8 of #blogtoper14  - Halloween memories 

My best Halloween memory was years ago. My brother and me got dressed up to go trick or treating. We wanted to show out next door neighbour what we looked like so we went over to there house, nobody answered the door so we just walked in. Our neighbour was lying asleep on the sofa and we stood over him, few minutes later he woke up with such a shock. It was hilarious! 

Worst memory was when my boyfriend at the time told us that the best time to go tick or treating was the day before Halloween, because they have all the sweets in and its not as busy. So we got all dressed up, major effort in our costumes and set of. Nobody answered the door to us, those that did said we got the wrong day, and it was freezing, worst experience ever 

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