Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Best/Worse Vacation

Day 6 of #blogtoper14  - Best and worse vacations 

All my vacations have been different, so this question today is very difficult. I have traveled around Thailand for 6 weeks, and around the state of New England, America. Had beach holidays in the Caribbean, school trips to Europe, cruises around Egypt. 

Best vacation ever...  Dominican republic 2012

This place was lush. White sand beaches, gorgeous weather, it was perfect. We stayed hear for 2 weeks. During this time we went to paradise island, went snorkelling, amazing meals, sunbathed, and relaxed. I would absolutely love to go back hear. Most amazing beaches ever.

I don't have a worst vacation, but hears the worst bits of a few vacations

In Austria within 5 minutes of arriving I jumped straight on the trampolines and fractured my wrist. 

In Egypt our tour bus left without me & my roomie, and a man tried to sell us for 3 camels.

In America, we were biking around Cape Cod and I was trying hard to keep up with everyone, when we had a rest i realised bikes had gears and I had been in the wrong one for the whole time!

(Best american pancakes ever!)

Speak soon,
HanHan xx


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