Friday, 17 October 2014

Im an expert at...

#blogtoper14 Day 17: Im an except at...

Beauty Pageants

Well not an expert but I do know a lot about them. I have taken part in 5 beauty pageants over the past few years and I also completed my university assignment on beauty pageants ;)

Beauty pageants are so much fun, you meet so many girls and its a great weekend. In the run up to the event you make appearances in your local community and fundraise for charity. I have been so lucky to have such amazing business sponsors that have supported me to compete.

Swimwear round at Miss Galaxy England 2014

At my 1st beauty pageant, Miss Teen Galaxy England 2012. With the Cumbria girls!

At Miss Bijoux competing for a place in the Miss Newcastle pageant

 A finalist in Face of the North West 2014

Making an appearance at the Dress Studio shop opening with some Galaxy girls!

On stage at Miss Galaxy England 2014

Making an appearance at a wedding fashion show

Cumbria girls again at Face of North East finals

Disney round at Face of North East finals 2012

Speak soon,
HanHan xx


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