Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A letter to myself in 10 years

Hannah, your doing great, your married with a child, another one on its way! You have traveled all over the world, you have worked abroad, Im so happy for you, its what you always wanted. You also spent a year teaching english to children in Asia. You have made lifelong friends on your travels. 
Your husband, he's great. They all said it wouldn't last, that you were to young. But look at you's now. Been together nearly 15 years baby. He's definitely a keeper. 
You love your job, your a primary school teacher now. You love planning lessons and seeing the children develop over the year. When you finished university you worked abroad as you were very interested in promoting education in developing countries. You made a huge difference in the counties you visited, you should be proud of yourself babe. 

You love coffee, remember in your 20s and you hated it, you said you would never enjoy coffee but now you do! Hate to say I told you so but.. i did tell you ;)

Your of to work now so I better go, I don't want you to be late. 

Love your younger self. xoxox


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