Friday, 10 April 2015

Teaching 'Baby 2'

So I am settling in with my class now. I have been teaching them for nearly 5 weeks now, I have had some bad days where my lessons didn't go to plan and when the kids didn't listen to me but things have decently improved since I have had help from my training teacher, and gotten to know the children better.
Last months teaching content theme has been Easter & spring. So I have been teaching them all about Easter eggs, chocolate bunnys, jelly beans, chicks, lady bugs, and much much more. Last week I done a Easter hunt. They really enjoyed it!

In the morning before clas starts all classes have morning sentence, this is a game that 2 of the foreign teachers run. I played a parachute game when it was my turn. 

Also when children turn up at school, there is morning greeting. 2 foreign teachers do this, and today was my day. We have a board and ask the children to answer our questions then they receive a sticker. There is a picture below! 

This is Mr monster! The kids love it. I take a flash card out his mouth and they say what it is, then when all the flash cards are on the floor, 2 at a time them come up and race to be the 1st to find the flash card that I shout. Then Mr monster eats the card!

Speak soon,
HanHan xxx

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