Monday, 13 February 2017

Camp Paivika, California

Camp Paivika was an experience I won't ever forget. It has been the more rewarding job I have had, and I hope that I will return here one day to meet the staff and my campers again. 

I feel so blessed that I was able to spend the summer living in the San Bernardino mountains at camp. It's a perfect location with great views and inspirational people. Camp felt like a family as you lived and worked so closely with everyone and on breaks you would spend your time each other going on adventures such as travelling to Las Vegas and San Diego and relaxing on the beaches. 

It was great meeting so many new people and getting to know your campers. I had two 1-1's over the summer, and it was so rewarding as you got to know them so well over the five nights. Leaving day was always sad. The night before campers left there would be a closing campfire where we sang songs and watched pictures of the campers time at camp. Then it would end with the hugging song, so everyone got to say their goodbyes. Once everyone was settled and in bed we the staff would go around all the cabins and sing. I still listen to 'lean on me' now when I miss camp! 

Love you all, and I hope we get to meet again! xxx


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