Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dapeng for the long weekend

We set of to dapeng at 7am Friday morning & arrived after 6pm in the evening! Mainly due to the traffic been so bad, getting wrong bus and our taxi driver taking us the complete wrong direction. 

We chose to come to the beach for a relaxing weekend however when we arrived at our hostel we soon realised there was an all night rave happening. As I didn't arrive till after 6, and the free drinks ended at 9 so some of us decided not go. We headed down to the beach to grab some food instead. The beach was so busy still even at 8pm at night! 

The next day we visited dapeng fortress. It reminded me of the houghtons in Beijing. We wondered around the area then walked to the temple. I have seen so many temples on my travels but this was the most beautiful. There was so much colour, it truly was amazing. 

Later in the afternoon we walked down to the beach. An area was closed of as couples were getting there wedding photos taken. In China couples get there wedding photos taken 6 months before the wedding. So it's all so fake, there was loads of props along the beach and hair and makeup stations along the back. We got speaking to the manager and over the whole day more than 100 couples come for there photos. I wouldn't like to have my wedding photos taken right next to so many other couples, but I guess this is china. As the photographers were finishing, the manager let us on to his part of the beach. It was so nice to have space. As the public beach was so so busy! You couldn't even see the beach due to that many people! 

It was nice to experience a Chinese beach, but I wouldn't visit again as it is nothing like a beach we know. It's over crowded and dirty.

Speak soon,
HanHan xx

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