Wednesday, 4 March 2015

First day teaching

Today was my first day teaching English, I was so excited to get started as we have been in the school a week now, watching other teachers. My class is KS1, so that's small class. There are baby classes, small, middle, big and big big.

For my first lesson I taught the new Easter/spring vocab. I used flash cards and then played a game where two kids at a time had to run around the cards and when I shouted a number that had to go find that card and read it out. It worked really well, we also had a few songs and dances to wake the kids up.

My second lesson was about colours. I wanted to see what the class knew song I decided to recaps. I had flash cards and went around the class asking each individual student what the colour was. Then we played a flash game on the to where the kids had to say the colour they seen. I found a fun colour dance so I played that, then for the rest of the lesson I asked the kids to colour in a Easter bunny.

We were meant to be celebrating lantin festival in the afternoon, but it's been cancled as its raining, so hopefully we get to celebrate it tomorrow! 

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