Friday, 29 August 2014

Belgium - Brussles

My bother and I travelled to Belgium for a few days this summer. The weather was very,very wet and rainy, (some people where wearing umbrella hats!)

The best part about Brussels is the food, there are so many little tasty chocolate shops, belgian waffles and not forgetting the fries! The beer is also very good. I don't usually drink beer as I don't like the taste, however on our 1st night we found this amazing bar called Delirium. It hold the world record for the most about of beers, there is over 2,000 so I knew there would be one that I liked. I tried 'Floris Mango' and I loved it. Its a sweet easy drinking beer. 

Our 1st day we spent exploring the city, we walked up and down the streets and seen the famous attractions such as Grand-Place, Mannaken Piss, St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral. We tasted chocolates in Les Galleries Saint Hubert. This was there the best chocolate shops where, we took so much home with us at the end of our trip! It was just so good. We also ate lots of waffles and fries. Basically we spent the day enjoying Brussels and the food. 

On our2nd day we took a city sightseeing bus, so we could explore the city further out of the centre and see all the other sights. You could hop and hop of the bus as many times as you liked. You could also plug your headphones in and there was a guide telling you about everything in your own language. For tea we found a great all you can eat ribs restaurant called Amadeus  It looked so small from the outside but once you step inside its huge. The ribs came with potato and salad. You also get a huge 1..5 litre bottle of wine on your table, you pay the wine by the cm but its very cheap. 

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